AWS ISV acceleration program choose Gentrack to lead the utility industry into a sustainable era

Leading utilities to a sustainable era

Gentrack Meter 2 Profit AWS based Portfolio

The utilities industry is changing rapidly – deregulation, disruptive technology, the drive to net zero, a rise in customer engagement, pressure to lower cost to serve, tightening regulations and increasing processing complexity due to smart metering – these all put increasing pressures on utilities.

Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation with a move to omni channel customer engagement as consumers engage to understand pricing and energy choices. And at the same time your businesses core operations such as timely and accurate billing, customer service and regulatory compliance.

Gentrack’s end to end cloud-native portfolio on AWS is based on loosely coupled microservices, uses event-driven, API-first architecture to allow for a continuous deployment pipeline, scale, and extensibility.

With over 30 years of utilities experience, and 500 + utilities experts, Gentrack has the heritage, the experience, and the expertise utilities require to thrive and win in this challenging and changing landscape.

Innovate to achieve clean energy goals

Gentrack and AWS guaranteeing support for M2C processes, customer service and energy market compliance

Gentrack products are cloud-native and have been developed taking advantage of AWS’s unmatched portfolio of cloud services, decreasing time-to-market and optimising developer experience. Using the cloud yields tangible business results and unlocks new tariff options that could drive changes in consumption and optimise the use of the grid for cleantech benefits. Our highly skilled energy specialists fully understand the complexities of the energy industry to seamlessly manage your back-office operations


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Gentrack Cloud Platform

Underpinned by AWS technology, this layer provides Security, identity & Access Management, Audit & Logging, Monitoring & Operations, Tenant & Feature Management and a Composable User Interface and supports the operational processes on utility data entities like customer, Account, Meter Point, etc..

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Billing &

Balances the diverse needs of prosumers, consumers, and industry by supporting fixed and variable charges, time of use tariffs and beyond ebergy supply offerings: fit for any market.

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Customer Care and Acquisition

Multi channel customer care and customer engagement for data driven best-in-class digital customer experience

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Meter Data Services

A cloud service primarily for storing and querying large volumes of data from yesterdays and tomorrow's meters.

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Market Operations

A cloud native, multi-tananted service which enables integration between industry Data, Networks, and Billing & Operations Systems providing industry complaint data handling and highly automated process orchestration for the utilities markets.

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Digital Engagement

Configurable omnichannel communications to help customers make smart energy decisions

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Product Management

Innovate at pace and bring the right cleantech products to market in an agile way.

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Data and Insights

Democratise data utilities specific AI use cases to drive impact and actionable insights that enhance profit and deliver business optimisation

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Managed Services

We understand the complexities of the energy industry to seamlessly manage your back-office operations, allowing customers to focus on growth and innovation

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AWS Products Utilised

Serverless Compute

Lambda functions, orchestrated by AWS Step Functions plus AWS Fargate for long running container process

API Integration

AWS API Gateway, Amazon Route 53, with Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Decoupled Event Processing

EventBridge with Simple Queue Service and Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Scalable Data Storage

Amazon S3 , AWS DynamoDB, AWS Aurora

Identity and Access Management


Federated Identity

Amazon Cognito

Encryption and Secrets Management

AWS Key Management Service, AWS Secrets Manager

Big Data Processing

Amazon EMR, AWS Glue

Logging and Monitoring


Security Tools

Trusted Advisor, Cloud Trail

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