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Empower real-time data-driven decision making with our suite of powerful analytics tools

An explosion of data in the utilities industry

The growth in smart metering and behind the meter technology means an exponential rise in data that can be captured by utilities and used to drive business improvements. From rapid product innovation to enhancing customer experience, reducing costs and improving cash recovery.

It is an incredible opportunity for energy and water providers to gain deeper customer, operational and industry insights than ever before. Gentrack’s suite of data and analytics tools provide out-of-the-box dashboards, in near real-time, for critical business information to drive better outcomes.

Gentrack’s logical data model puts the customer at the heart

Our logical data model is specifically designed for utilities and provides a 360-degree view of the customer. It ensures faster development of reports, dashboards, analytical use cases, and machine learning data feeds, in addition to being enriched with 100’s of pre-defined utility centric KPI’s.

Accurately manage business KPI’s with a single source of truth

The result is a powerful analytical platform that can help utilities prevent profit loss and gain business optimisation; avoiding customer churn and helping consumers to make smart energy decisions.

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