Foundation Services

Next generation Customer Information System. Extensible, scalable, API first and event-driven; providing critical customer, service and contract data to any services in the Gentrack ecosystem and external enterprise applications

CIS architected for the future

Good data management is fundamental to success. Foundation Services holds the essential information which utilities need to operate. Architected as three microservices to provide a future proofed critical data store:

  • Customer Operations holds all customer and account structures. It tells you who you are contracted to provide products and services too
  • Service Operations holds the timeline of information relating to services, service points, assets and roles
  • Contract Operations holds the record of products and services supplied and at what price

CIS that grows with your business

Developed with growth in mind and out of the box capabilities by design:

  • Region and market agnostic [VN1] [JB2]
  • Universal for any utility from energy or water to broadband and heat, plus any other non-commodity product
  • Real customer data can be made accessible by any third-party app to support rapid innovation and testing without impact on core business
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