09 Jan 2017

Gentrack expands its presence in the Nordic region after signing a deal with Greenland Airports

Greenland Airports Authority, Mittarfeqarfiit, will introduce new-generation airport operation technology from global provider Gentrack, aimed at transforming its operations and revitalizing its passenger experience.

Greenland Airports will implement a range of solutions from Gentrack’s Airport 20/20 suite consisting of Airport Operations Database (AODB), AeroBilling and Flight Information Display System (FIDS) as well as several interfaces and modules. The new system will serve all 13 airports in Greenland and 46 helipads from a central installation based in a datacentre in Nuuk.

Greenland is the world’s largest non-continental island. With a total area covering over 2 million square kilometres, reliable and efficient aviation service is a crucial part of Greenland’s economy and everyday life. Tourism is a key growth area for the country with visitor numbers up 39% on last year, driving Mittarfeqarfiit to automate and optimise many of its operations to cope with the increased traffic volume. A key project driver is also the ability to implement new airline charging and incentive schemes to encourage further growth.

Niels Grosen, acting CEO at Greenland Airports, says “We are really excited about our collaboration with Gentrack on this modernisation project. Across all our airports, our focus is to improve efficiency while enhancing the passenger experience. Deployment of Airport 20/20 will allow us to not only work smarter, it also gives us a platform on which we can easily build innovative new services and connect to emerging technologies”.

Greenland Airport Authority joins a growing community of 20/20 customers globally and extends Gentrack’s presence in the Nordic region. Finland’s aviation authority, Finavia, and Iceland’s, Isavia, are also using the 20/20 AOS across their 26 airports and 13 airports respectively.


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