20/20 Airport Operational Solutions Selected by Brisbane Airport

Gentrack, a leading provider of airport information systems, has commenced deployment of its world-class 20/20 Airport Operational Database at Brisbane Airport.

The 20/20 AODB provides the central data storage and essential messaging capabilities required to integrate Brisbane Airport’s key systems while sharing real-time information across the entire airport infrastructure said Nigel Farley, Airport 20/20 General Manager.

“The 20/20 AODB system is the heart of our airport information solution. Its ability to access and share information across a multitude of critical airport systems and departments is the key to its success. Brisbane Airport’s 20/20 AODB is integrated with a variety of significant airport systems including Nose Guidance, IATA Messaging, Baggage Handling, Emergency Warning and Building Management. We have also integrated the AODB with major airline systems including those used by Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar and Air New Zealand.”

In conjunction with the AODB implementation project, Brisbane Airport is also deploying 20/20’s proven Resource Management (RMS) and Flight Information Display (FIDS) systems, both expected to greatly enhance the airport’s operational efficiency and passenger experience.

“The 20/20 team is excited to work with Brisbane Airport to help them achieve their vision to be world-best and the preferred choice for passengers, airlines and business”, continued Farley. “The key to operational efficiency is having a robust AODB system to collect and disseminate the right information to the right people in the airport – at the right time. We have a long history of success in this respect.”

Brisbane Airport joins a growing international community of airports using the 20/20 AODB, RMS and FIDS solutions including Melbourne, JFK International, London City and Newark Liberty airports. The 20/20 AODB project, delivered in conjunction with the 20/20 RMS and FIDS is expected to be completed in mid 2012.

More about Brisbane Airport at http://bne.com.au/

More about Gentrack and 20/20 at http://www.airport2020.com/

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