Utilities Best Practice Library

35+ years and 1000s of person years of utilities experience packaged into pre-configured customer journeys throughout the customer lifecycle, a utilities specific global data model and a suite of products and offers. Available straight out-of-the box.

Rapid time-to-value in a dynamic environment

Utilities are at the heart of a rapidly changing world: how our most precious resources, energy and water, will be consumed is undergoing a revolution. Customers are looking to their utility for new propositions, and amazing experiences as they embark on this journey. 


The best practice library provides utilities with out-of-the box tools and templates to enable materially lower time and cost to deploy, maintain and innovate.

Extensible, scalable, API-first and event-driven Customer Information System

Developed with growth in mind and out-of-the box capabilities by design. Region and market agnostic, and universal for any utility from energy or water to broadband and heat, plus any other non-commodity product.

Real customer data can be made accessible by any third-party app to support rapid innovation and testing without impact on core business.

Tailored solutions built from utility market expertise

Utilities Global Data Model: best in class, region agnostic, industry logical data model to ensure single source of truth

Customer Journeys: acquire and retain customers via a speedy and centralised approach to managing all aspects of your customers lifecycle via our order management capabilities

Utilities Products & Offers: create new products in minutes using low code / no code technology. Templated or partially filled with best practice Gentrack product propositions

Metadata: dynamic, rapid pricing / tariffs based on cost items and desired margin. Accurate prices fed into the CPQ during the quoting process

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