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99.99% platform availability

99.99% Platform Availability

We understand and deeply the impact that you and your customers can feel if systems go down – With g2.0 you can be confident in a stable and monitored platform with high availability.

ISO27001 / SOC 2 certified

ISO27001 / SOC 2 certified

Cyber security has never been more important than it is today.

That’s why g2.0 is a secured system with Tier 1 security standard to ensure both you and your customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is secure.

Multiplay b2b & b2c solution

Proven multi-play solution for B2B & B2C water & energy

Gentrack provides a proven multi-play solution for B2B and B2C water and energy, with a reputation for success.

We operate in 7 countries and across 15+ regulated sectors. Today, over 50 customers globally trust our platform to run their operations.

Distributed energy management

Integrated flexibility & control distributed assets of prosumer services

Utilities have a fundamental role in the transition to net zero, from creating innovative business models to rolling out distributed energy assets to customers.

Gentrack’s Distributed Energy Management solution is an extender ecosystem providing integrated flexibility and control of distributed assets and prosumer services between energy suppliers and any distributed energy partner.

Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Gentrack has partnered with AWS, the world’s leading cloud solution and have now re-architected our system to run natively on the platform ensuring high performance, security and scalability at the heart of our design.

World’s leading CRM

World’s leading CRM

World's leading CRM and UX supporting integrated journeys from customer to meter.

We are a Salesforce prime integrator offering rich out of the box CRM functionality and seamless 2-way sync with the Gentrack billing and MDS core platform.

Composable plug & play architecture

Composable plug & play architecture

Designed on composable architecture, ensuring that your business can rapidly prototype and innovate without making extensive system changes.

AI & Data model driven outcomes

AI & Data model driven outcomes

Exponential growth of data in the utilities industry is driving a need for innovative solutions to generate deep insights.

Gentrack’s proprietary data model and suite of data and analytics tools provides out of the box dashboards to create powerful insights to drive your business decisions.

Tested to 15m meter points

Tested to 15M meter points

The platform is fully scalable and has been tested to 15M meter points, ensuring that as your business grows your technology can grow with it.

Automation for lowest Cost to Serve

Automation for lowest Cost to Serve

We understand that utilities today face increasing cost pressures. The g2.0 platform is built to automate operations by design for the lowest cost to serve.

Utilities are at the cutting edge of a revolution

This will change the way we all use the planets most precious resources; energy and water.

Consumers are waking up to this transformation and are demanding more from their utilities; they want better experiences and more choice over how they purchase and consume their energy and water.

It is not a case of if utilities transform to meet these demands, but when.

Global utilities need to innovate at pace, drive profitability & reduce cost to serve

g2.0 by Gentrack, provides the end-to-end solutions and flexible platform for businesses to rapidly respond in a dynamic landscape, create leading propositions and maximise returns on investment.

Leading utilities looking to transform their business need technologies and partners they can trust.

Our end to end g2.0 portfolio

Customer Engagement

g2.0 with Salesforce unparallel capabilities provides pre-configured customer journeys to perfect the total experience

Billing & Finance

Delivering accurate, easy to understand and on-time bills while seamlessly managing charging, invoicing, credit and debt processes

Distributed Energy Resource Management

Launching new solar, batteries and electric vehicles propositions in weeks, allowing superior experience for residentials and businesses

Business & Data Applications

Rich set of value-added applications allowing utilities to make data led decisions across front and back-office

Integration Layer

Extensive flexible and composable integration layer designed to future proof utilities in the face of constant changes

Cloud Management Platform

Rearchitected to run natively on AWS cloud, and leverage the highest level of security, scalability and availability

Our innovation partners

From high growth energy retailers to well established networks and water companies, we work with innovative companies around the world

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Leading utilities looking to transform their business need technologies and partners they can trust

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