04 Apr 2024

Gentrack gains ground on SAP and other legacy solutions

Published, Asian Power March 2024

High demand for Gentrack: Utility-specific software is leading the digital revolution towards Net Zero.

The world is currently facing a climate crisis that cannot be overstated. Countries could have anywhere from 20 to 100 power stations, typically powered by coal or gas—both of which have detrimental impacts on the planet.

It is an existential global threat that requires a significant reduction in carbon emissions. So, transitioning to clean energy is no longer an option; it is now an urgent imperative as the planet demands immediate action.

The time for action is now, and the stakes are high. Every decision made today will echo for generations to come, shaping the destiny of our planet. The world owes it to itself, to future generations, and to the countless species that share this planet to rise above and act to address climate change.

With that, the transition to renewable energy is also no longer a distant prospect; it is a crucial step to take. Embracing renewable energy technologies holds promise not only in combating climate change but also in economic growth and innovation.

From harnessing solar energy to tapping into wind power, the many renewable energy options present vast opportunities for sustainable development. It empowers communities to participate in decentralised energy production and rectifies inequities in the current energy systems.

In a recent interview with Geoff Childs, General Manager, Asia at Gentrack, Asian Power gained valuable insights into how Gentrack stands out from traditional giants such as SAP and Oracle by offering bespoke solutions that address the unique challenges of electricity, gas and water management and how thier technology has helped several retailers drive sustainability innovation.

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