26 Jun 2022

Case Study: Driving down cost to serve with Gentrack’s AWS cloud solution for water utilities

It’s time for water retailers to transform

To lead in customer experience and drive towards sustainability, utilities players need to be agile and innovate at speed.

Currently, 75% of global utility customers are managed on legacy IT systems. This means high volumes of manual processes and an inability to make use of data to provide great customer solutions.

The need to transform is clear. But transforming large legacy systems is a major challenge for companies to face.

This is where a B2B Water Utility company called on Gentrack to help revolutionise its business.

The Water Utility

This specialist B2B Water Utility serves over 100k businesses and are dedicated to delivering top quality customer service at great value.

This company had a major challenge as they had multiple systems that were driving inefficiencies and preventing the company to scale for the future.

The challenge

Moving from one system to another is a big challenge. It requires the transformation of a business, introduction of new processes and the retraining of staff.

This Water Utility needed to move multiple systems into one system – a HUGE challenge.

Every additional system involved in a transformation, exponentially increases the complexity of the programme.

This needed to be delivered without disruption to existing services and ultimately leading to an enhanced user experience.

The solution

Using Gentrack AWS Cloud to take the Water Utility to rocket speed.

To get this Water Utility future ready, they needed a single system that would scale with the company and enable them to innovate at pace. This is where the Gentrack cloud-native solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) comes in.

Being cloud-native, it is designed for speed, scale, and adoption of agile business models.

This enables rapid deployment of new innovative products and increases automation. This improves core operations of meter to cash and customer service.

The bottom line – this reduces the company’s cost to serve.

The outcome

Gentrack used its extensive experience combined with AWS to deliver a seamless transition of >100k business customers to an innovative cloud-based solution.

This has enabled the Water Utility to operate effectively and focus on delivering brilliant customer service at the lowest cost to serve.

† Based on data from Gartner “Market Guide for Utility Customer Systems” Published 10 November 2021.

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