25 May 2021

Celebrating success with PFP Energy

We are always happy to take a moment to recognise success and thank the people who’ve worked to achieve it.  Success is even better when attained by a team working hard together, which is why we wanted to mark the renewal of a successful partnership with our client, PFP Energy in the UK.  PFP stands for Profit-for-Purpose, the not-for-profit energy company based in Lancashire, serving homes and businesses across the UK.

The team at PFP, lead by Jo Gilbert, recently renewed their commitment to working with Gentrack to keep innovating together to support PFP’s growth, to help the improvement of customer experience and drive down cost to serve to support profits for good causes.  Gentrack’s solutions will help to further transform PFP’s cleantech solutions that help customers better understand and control their energy consumption.

The PFP and Gentrack teams got together with a virtual-hybrid event, hosted by CFO Steven Szekeres and Paul Crorken, Head of Business Transformation and Innovation.  Together with the team at Gentrack, we celebrated the people who have delivered the successes achieved to date and exciting new solutions.  These include using smart meter data to provide more tailored energy solutions and better reporting – helping customers better see how they are using energy and make changes to save money and help the environment. 

Hero PFP team members who received a special mention for their efforts were Niki McIntosh, Project manager; Sarah Pinder, Lead Project Manager; Ashleigh Niland, Business Analyst; Steve Walker, Metering Operations Manager; Natalie Brundish, Head of Customer Experience and Kellie Hather, Head of Regulation and Compliance.  

From our Gentrack team, CEO Gary Miles recognized Client Business Executive Andrea McCutcheon and Customer Success Manager Nick Wildman, who worked closely with the team at PFP to take our partnership to the next level of success.

Watch the video to hear from the PFP and Gentrack teams about how we’ll continue to generate great customer experiences for PFP’s customers.

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