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07 Sep 2022

E.ON and npower Business Solutions consolidate I&C division on Gentrack as they form the market-leading business energy supplier in the UK

7th September 2022

Gentrack (NZX/ASX: GTK), a next generation solution provider for utilities, has announced the completion of one of the largest business transformations in the industry, consolidating two legacy platforms onto Gentrack’s market leading utilities technology and enabling npower Business Solutions (nBS) to supply 33TWh of electricity and 11TWh gas to British businesses. The transformation was a joint program between nBS, CGI and Gentrack.

The newly formed npower Business Solutions (nBS) combines the expertise of npower and E.ON industrial and commercial businesses, into a single specialist unit, working with over 20,000 British businesses across a huge range of industries. nBS recognises how critical energy is to the success of their customers; their recent Business Energy Tracker report found that 80% of businesses say energy is a board level concern.

At a time when our industry is facing mounting cost pressures, the consolidation of the two businesses puts nBS in a great position to offer flexible energy solutions and help British businesses on the complex road to net zero.

Anthony Ainsworth, COO nBS, said:

“We need to help organisations survive the cost of the energy crisis while protecting the industry’s sustainability targets.  With the merger of our two businesses onto one Gentrack platform, we have the technology to better serve UK industry with great customer care, flexible tariffs and innovative sustainable energy solutions.  This project was a huge undertaking and Gentrack’s track record delivering complex transformations has been essential to the program’s success.” 

Gentrack’s CEO, Gary Miles, said:

“This transformation was at the heart of npower and E.ON merging onto a common technology platform and single operating model with an aim to better serve UK businesses.  Worldwide more and more energy suppliers are modernising legacy technologies to meet green targets, introduce flexible energy services and provide great customer experiences. nBS is leading the market in this global energy transition and we are proud to be a pivotal part of this amazing journey.”

About npower Business Solutions

npower Business Solutions is a leading provider of energy supply and solutions for UK business, serving around 24,000 industrial and commercial customers, with more than 237,000 sites. They offer a full range of energy management solutions from metering and data collection services to monitoring and targeting software, energy efficiency expertise and carbon-reduction support, to help businesses buy and use energy more efficiently.


About Gentrack

Gentrack designs, builds and delivers the high-performing, cloud-first revenue and customer experience solutions found at the heart of leading utilities and airports around the world.  Our customers lead in some of the most deregulated and innovative markets in the world; pioneering innovation, driving effective transformation in the management and delivery of two of our planet’s most precious resources; energy and water.


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