Facility Loan Agreement

15 December 2021

Gentrack Group Limited (NZX/ASX: GTK) confirms today that it has entered into a facility loan agreement with the Bank of New Zealand replacing the existing facility with ASB Bank Limited which expires in March 2022. The new NZ$25m facility has a three-year tenor and includes ancillary and transactional banking arrangements. Closing is subject to customary completion matters.


Contact details regarding this announcement:

Pip White – Company Secretary
+64 22 0965576

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Gentrack designs, builds and delivers the high-performing, cloud-first revenue and customer experience solutions found at the heart of leading utilities and airports around the world.  Our customers lead in some of the most deregulated and innovative markets in the world; pioneering innovation, driving effective transformation in the management and delivery of two of our planet’s most precious resources; energy and water. More information: www.gentrack.com

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