21 Sep 2022

Launch of g2.0, A New Transformation Solution from Gentrack

21 September 2022

A key pillar of Gentrack’s strategy is to provide customer centric, next generation software solutions for utilities. Gentrack (NZX/ASX: GTK), today announces the launch of g2.0. This solution brings together three technology leaders; Gentrack, Salesforce and AWS, to create a modern next generation platform to recharge, reshape and renew the industry.

Globally, utilities are facing a perfect storm: rising wholesale energy prices, political pressures, defining and meeting sustainability targets, regulatory change and demands for better customer experience. Together these can diminish profitability. At the same time however, there are exciting opportunities to deliver innovative new services, better digital engagement and develop new revenue streams required by utilities today.

For more than 30 years, Gentrack has been partnering with many of the world’s leading utilities, providing meter-to-cash solutions. g2.0 combines this wealth of experience with Salesforce’s unbeatable CRM to offer extensive capabilities, a rich ecosystem, and out of the box customer journeys; all integrated with the Gentrack core platform. Running with composable architecture on AWS ensures high performance, security, and scalability enabling rapid prototyping and innovation with minimal system change.

Gary Miles, Gentrack CEO, said: “Utilities are operating in a volatile market. g2.0 offers a viable alternative to the legacy end-to-end CRM and billing systems that dominate the global utilities market. These legacy systems are supported by too many excel spreadsheets, manual processes, and embedded running costs. The water and energy verticals face an existential need to transform as worldwide we tackle the sustainability challenge of a generation.”

Miles continued, “Leading utilities are spearheading this change and it is picking up momentum globally. g2.0 is provided by three global leaders – Salesforce the world’s leading CRM, AWS the number 1 cloud platform and Gentrack with over 5,000 person years of utilities knowhow.   g2.0 will accelerate the industry’s pace of change and allow utilities to transform with confidence.”


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Kerry Nickels – Company Secretary
+64 9 966 6090

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