29 Aug 2022

Gentrack Delivers Cloud-Based Technology Transformation as Tas Gas Retail looks to Enable Growth and Enhance Customer Service

August 30th 2022

Gentrack (NZX/ASX: GTK), next gen solution provider for utilities, has partnered with Tas Gas Retail (TGR) to deliver a technology transformation and move their core billing and operations systems into the cloud. This transformation will enable a wide range of business benefits that will support TGR’s future growth ambitions. 

TGR prides itself on customer service and by moving back-end systems to a cloud based, agile system on Amazon Web Services (AWS), they will be able to dramatically improve this key metric – including reducing response times from days to minutes, as well as gaining powerful insights through reporting and analytics and facilitating more targeted sales and marketing campaigns.   

TGR entered the natural gas market following the introduction of Full Retail Competition in 2003 and supply natural gas to a customer base of more than 10,000 across Tasmania and country Victoria. With approximately 65% of residential and commercial market share they are the largest gas retailer in Tasmania.  

Underpinned by next generation technology and a wealth of utilities experience the Gentrack team worked with TGR and their system integrator in the delivery of TGR’s digital customer engagement platform. 

Continuous Improvement and Development will deliver rapid innovation and support sustainable energy transition through a rapid release cycle – speeding up time to market for new products and services enabling support for future growth aspirations across a range of utility services. 

Sarah Thurstans, GM Retail from Tas Gas Retail said:   

“Gentrack have been a trusted partner of Tas Gas for over 15 years, and it was clear that their expertise in billing and core operations technology, would support TGR’s transformation and innovation that will help us achieve our growth targets for the future.  Our ambitious growth ambitions need a partner that can help us deliver excellent customer service, reduce risk, and enable innovation at pace and Gentrack are clearly the company to help us towards that future.” 

Mark Humphreys, General Manager of Gentrack Australia, said:  

‘We are delighted to have been able to support Tas Gas Retail with their future growth ambitions.  We share a common purpose in helping lead Australia’s transition to a cleaner energy future. We are proud to support the role they are playing in developing new technologies, such as green hydrogen, to deliver a more sustainable energy era.” 

About Tas Gas 

Tas Gas Holdings (Tas Gas) is Tasmania’s leading natural gas company with expertise in gas transmission, distribution, transportation and retailing. 

With offices in Launceston and Hobart, and operations that span Tasmania, and regional Victoria, Tas Gas is driven by its customers’ current and future needs with a clear vision to support Australia’s transition to a cleaner energy future. 

As part of our future energy pathway, Tas Gas is exploring the possibilities that exist with hydrogen and other green gases. We want to work together with our communities so that we can continue to provide safe, reliable and continuous fuel for our customers. 

Tas Gas is the parent company for Tas Gas Retail (TGR), Tas Gas Networks (TGN), Gas Pipeline Victoria (GPV), Regional Energy Victoria (REV) and Gas Networks Victoria (GNV). Tas Gas is owned by Infrastructure Capital Group (ICG). 


About Gentrack 

Gentrack designs, builds, and delivers the high-performing, cloud-first billing and customer experience solutions found at the heart of leading utilities and airports around the world. 

Our customers lead in some of the most deregulated and innovative markets in the world; pioneering innovation, driving effective transformation in the management and delivery of two of our planet’s most precious resources; energy and water.  


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