24 Feb 2017

Gentrack Group Limited (NZX/ASX: GTK) Annual Meeting Results and Director Independence

Gentrack Group Limited (GTK) advises that the following resolutions were passed at its Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on 23 February 2017:
1. The Board was authorised to fix the auditors’ remuneration.
2. The non-executive directors’ maximum fees per annum were increased to NZD $450,000.
3. Leigh Warren was re-elected as a director of Gentrack Group Limited.
4. Graham Shaw was re-elected as a director of Gentrack Group Limited.
All resolutions were decided by a show of hands.

In accordance with NZX Listing Rule 3.3.3(a), the Board of Gentrack Group Limited has determined that the following directors are (as specified below) independent or not independent, as defined by NZX Listing Rule 1.6.1:

• John Clifford Not Independent
• Andy Coupe Independent
• James Docking Not Independent
• Graham Shaw Independent
• Leigh Warren Independent

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