06 Sep 2018

Gentrack Launches Cloud Platform to Enable Utilities to Craft Unique Digital Customer Experiences

Gentrack Group Ltd (NZX/ASX: GTK), a leading provider of essential software and services for utilities, has today unveiled Gentrack Cloud Integration Services (GCIS), an API platform designed to enable energy and water suppliers to shape exceptional digital customer journeys.

A comprehensive R&D programme brought together technology and software experts to build the platform for delivery ‘as-a-service’ on Amazon Web Services, ensuring a high performing and secure service for utilities.

Jan Behrens, Gentrack CTO, said: “Utilities globally are reimagining their digital enterprise including how they can innovate customer communications, quoting, onboarding and servicing. They’re reshaping their operating models and systems to gain a competitive edge and drive down cost to serve. This can only happen if utilities have the flexible tools and services to craft new digital initiatives and to then implement them at speed, all of which are key deliverables of our new API platform.”

GCIS eliminates the need for utilities to commission site-specific APIs to realise their digital strategy and instead gives them the option of utilising a set of pre-built APIs that are maintained and updated by Gentrack.

Behrens continued: “It’s important that utilities can rely on a set of secure, resilient and high performing APIs when dreaming up the next big thing in digital customer journeys.”

“Gone are the days when customer engagement was driven by slow and expensive offline communications channels with limited personalisation options. Consumers and businesses want to connect with their energy and water providers on their terms, using multiple communication channels and tools from email and social media to mobile apps and self-service portals. GCIS ensures that utilities can leverage new technologies as well as the valuable customer data held in Gentrack’s core billing and customer information system, and to do so without the barriers often associated with custom built integrations.”

GCIS is a cloud-native solution immediately available to all Gentrack’s utilities customers globally, recognising the sectors growing appetite for leveraging significant technical and cost benefits of the Cloud and SaaS. While these benefits are inherent in the new GCIS solution, a range of third-party solutions that advance the customer experience will also become available to Gentrack customers.

“Customer experience technologies are evolving at pace along with customer expectations driven predominately by digital interactions with non-utility service providers. Our goal is to unleash a first-class, secure and reliable cloud platform that will empower utilities to try the latest and greatest in digital customer engagement solutions,” added Behrens.

More information is available here.

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