03 Feb 2009

Gentrack MDM solution achieves impressive benchmark results on mid-range hardware

3 February 2009: Gentrack announced today the results of its latest benchmark to demonstrate the high level performance of its meter data management (MDM) solution – mDATA21. The benchmark, undertaken on a single mid-range HP Server, confirmed mDATA21’s ability to import and validate 48 million half-hourly reads from a million meters in less than three hours.

“And the best is yet to come,” said Terry Maude, Chief Technology Officer of Gentrack. “We decided to run the first stage of our MDM benchmark on mid-range hardware to demonstrate the low hardware overhead required to achieve good results. Utilities can expect greater data processing performance from mDATA21 as the hardware configuration is enhanced. We plan to demonstrate this in subsequent benchmarks.”

mDATA21 was released to the utility industry in 2008 to support the deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and complexities associated with managing petabytes of half hourly meter data. The benchmark results are equivalent to importing and processing 16 million half-hourly data reads from 330,000 meters every hour. Application of service oriented architecture (SOA) within mDATA21 then enables utilities to make this data available throughout the entire business for customer care, accurate customer billing and customer profiling to support ongoing demand side management strategies.

Gentrack CEO James Docking commented: “Gentrack has established a strong MDM platform based on over 20 years experience in energy and water industries. We understand that running enterprise level hardware can be cost prohibitive for some utilities – hence our immediate focus on achieving sub-three hour processing results for a million meters on a hardware platform requiring a realistic investment for a utility. Many of our customers have started AMI deployment and with the addition of Gentrack’s integrated MDM solution they can be fully prepared to maximise the value of half-hourly data – at an acceptable level of investment.”

Further benchmarking is being conducted by the Gentrack Testing and Development teams to demonstrate the scalability of mDATA21. With enhancements to hardware configurations, results are expected to exceed 30 million meter reads processed per hour – reducing processing time for a million half hourly meters to less than 1.5 hours.

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