23 Feb 2023

Gentrack provides updated guidance for FY23

23 February 2023

Gentrack Group Limited (NZX/ASX: GTK) (“Gentrack”) advises that in FY23 we now expect to earn c.$25m from managing the exit of a major UK customer, which is c.$12m more than we had previously guided. This additional revenue and the associated EBITDA benefit is expected to be a one-off increase and will be recognised substantially in the first half of the year. In line with our previous guidance, we do not expect significant revenue from this customer beyond the current financial year and so our guidance for FY24 of revenue of c.$150m and an EBITDA margin of 12-17% remains unchanged.


Contact details regarding this announcement:

Kerry Nickels –  Company  Secretary
+64 9 966 6090

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For over 30 years Gentrack has been partnering with the world’s leading utilities. More than 50 energy and water companies rely on Gentrack. Our g2.0 solution combines this wealth of experience with Salesforce’s unbeatable CRM, Gentrack’s leading meter-to-cash platform, and a composable architecture on AWS. g2.0 ensures high performance, security, scalability, and rapid prototyping for innovation at pace.
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