23 Nov 2011

Gentrack to usher in next generation meter data management software with mDATA21

Gentrack has announced its plan to release the next generation of its meter data management software solution, mDATA21. The announcement comes as a Pike Research report into global meter data management system (MDMS) trends, named MDMS the ‘centerpiece of the AMI environment’ and ‘a key component of the Smart Grid’.

Gentrack GM Smart World Solutions, Aaron Baker, is excited with the outcome of the continued R&D investment in mDATA21 and the changing focus and value utilities are placing on MDM solutions. “We’ve focused our R&D on extending the essential capabilities of mDATA21 around VEE, workflow management and integration with other enterprise applications. We’ve also invested in integration with various head end units to streamline the flow of data and requests to and from smart metering technologies.”


The technology and product architecture of mDATA21 is already proven with large volumes of data having been used by utilities to manage interval data from large commercial customers.


Baker continued, “This next generation of mDATA21 is designed to greatly increase a utility’s capacity to meet the growing demands of a new age in smart world metering and software technologies. It is also designed to enable utilities to provide practical energy consumption data and efficiency information to customers to demonstrate the real value of AMI for customers and energy retailers alike.”


Gentrack released its first MDM software product in 2004 with the introduction of electricity liberalisation in Tasmania, Australia. Continued R&D investment in the product, the launch of the mDATA21 brand and recent MDM projects have established Gentrack as a leading value based MDM software vendor. mDATA21 projects continue across Australia.

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