10 Nov 2009

Gentrack Velocity 4 – Empowering Utilities

10 November 2009: Gentrack is pleased to announce the latest release of its flagship product for utilities – Gentrack Velocity 4. The latest release features significant product developments designed to empower utility businesses even more!

What’s New?

  • Extended installation and consumer billing capabilities to support lines companies
  • Workflow and user performance tracking
  • Outage notifications – planned and unplanned

Extended Billing Capabilities

To support continued convergence of energy retail and lines companies, Gentrack has extended the capabilities of its consumer and installation billing engines to provide a flexible and scalable billing solution for networks planning to retail energy. Proposed changes to energy market regulations and guidelines in New Zealand present a number of opportunities for lines companies to explore the potential to retail energy directly to its customer base. Designed to create added competition in the marketplace, lines companies will require Gentrack’s retail billing capabilities along with its CRM tools to manage customer relationships and new product offerings.  Gentrack Velocity provides the flexibility lines companies require to fulfil a dual role in the energy market, running both network and retail billing activities in the one application.

Workflow and User Performance Tracking

Tracking the performance of user activity is critical to any utility business looking to reduce operational costs and achieve greater internal efficiencies.  Gentrack Velocity’s Wizards now utilise a smart tracking system to record key performance statistics for activities undertaken by users. Line managers can monitor in near ‘real time’ system activity dates, times and durations, while also tracking the progress of activities in the system.

Outage Notifications

Notifying customers of planned outages and having the right information for CSRs to respond to customers during unplanned outages can be a critical point of difference for a utility business. Gentrack Velocity’s new Outage Notification capability enables utilities to configure and send notifications of planned outages to customers via email, SMS/Text or mail. To support enhanced customer services, Gentrack also displays outage information in the customer and installation centric screens including reasons for the outage and a likely time for a return of power to the properties affected.

Key Benefits of Gentrack Velocity 4

  • Intuitive screens and wizards for an enhanced user experience
  • Improved customer service levels with a 360° view of customers and accounts
  • Future proofed technology to maximise upgrade potential and minimise risk
  • Added flexibility through configuration – not customisation
  • Enhanced workflow tools for a highly streamlined and automated utility business

For more information about Gentrack Velocity 4 and how Gentrack’s solutions could benefit your utility business, contact [email protected].

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