The Highway of Innovation


Our Highway of Innovation catalogue is a business-radar, providing an inventory of innovative offerings energy utilities around the world are bringing to market. From simple changes in payment methods to ground-breaking new ways to introduce state-of-the-art, low-carbon solutions to the masses.

There is room for energy utilities, big and small, to innovate, empowering their product-to-profit potential.

  The catalogue contains more than 80 examples of energy offerings around the world from Gentrack customers and non-Gentrack customers*.

One page per market offering

Classified in

3 categories

Addressing specific

business needs

Examples within the catalogue include:

Driving sustainability

Energy roaming for EV charging

Country: New Zealand
Utility: Genesis Energy
Offering: B2C

Genesis Energy’s EVerywhere plan allows customers to use their home EV charging plan on the chargepoint network ChargeNet. It gives the same rates away from home and centralises the billing.

Customer retention

Business EV chargepoint
management interface

Country: UK
Utility: Yu Energy
Offering: B2B

Yu Energy offers their business customers the ability to purchase smart EV charge points, with the associated management software. These can all be controlled via an app and appear itemised. Some chargepoints even have the ability to be made public facing and monetised.


Collect airline miles for kWh used

Country: Singapore
Utility: PacificLight Energy
Offering: B2C

PacificLight Energy’s Couch to Clouds plan allows suppliers to gain frequent flyer miles for every kWh of energy used. They also include sign-up bonus miles based on the length of contract (up to 3 years).

A large portion of the innovative offerings in this catalogue are delivered by Gentrack customers. It is our modern technology, services and tools that are helping them to bring these new offerings to market, quickly and efficiently.

Our 35+ years of experience and over 100+ pre-built customer journeys allow our customers to focus on bold new ideas, while we lay the groundwork to bring them to market.

To get your copy of the catalogue and discover how it can help your business, reach out to a Gentrack representative today by filling out our contact form.

*All the information contained within the catalogue is publicly available.