How do you compete in an era of increased competition in B2B energy supply?

UK energy retail has never been so competitive, and B2B supply is even more so.  With well over 20 B2B retail suppliers in the market, how can you give your business a competitive advantage, when you are all effectively selling the same product?

Being able to beat your competitors to the punch when turning around quotes and getting bills out on time is critical.  Traditional quoting and billing engines can take days to deal with complex, multi site quotes, with many manual processes and interactions between different systems.  And getting bills out can take even longer when you are dealing with big volumes and many meter points.

Suppliers need to look for billing, quoting and pricing systems that can respond quickly and accurately – getting quotes out to brokers and end users before the competition.

We know billing and quoting is complex – especially when you are dealing with multiple meters.  Getting accurate details for 1,000 meters could mean that traditional businesses technology could take up to 7 days to get a quote out of the door – and that might have involved multiple different systems interactions, with many human touchpoints.  So not only is your customer disappointed before you even sign them up, but it’s taken time and effort for your business – which directly impacts on your bottom line.

Billing can take even longer – and getting bills out on time is critical to your revenue.  If you don’t bill, you can’t be paid, and when volumes are high that can be make or break.  Can your billing system generate invoices for over 250,000 MPAN/MPRS in under 11 hours giving you the ability to bill at pace, and, crucially, get paid more quickly.  Traditional systems might take 5-10 DAYS to bill this volume.

In today’s market, speed and efficiency are king – meaning increased margin and a business ready for growth – make sure your systems can deliver.

To find out how Junifer delivers market leading billing and quoting performance (based on a typical large I & C portfolio) follow Performance and Scalability

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