Interns and Graduates

Interns and Graduates

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At Gentrack, we love to share knowledge and keep learning. By taking part in our internship programme, you’ll get a chance to test your software skills in a real-life, team environment while still learning on the job. We offer places in New Zealand and the UK.


What’s it really like?

Don’t take our word for it – let’s hear from some previous interns about their experience at Gentrack



Name: Audrey Livirya
Role: Software Engineer, Internship
Location: NZ


Audrey secured one of Gentrack’s internships while completing her degree in Computer Software Engineering at the University of Auckland.


What support (management / buddy / guidance) did you get?

From day one I had a mentor and very supportive team of experienced engineers to coach and guide me. This support was critical as I got involved in designing and building a new “Product Usage Metrics” solution.


Top tip for future interns:

Don’t be afraid of talking to anyone else! Although it may be a bit daunting at first, you will find that other people are very keen to help.

Name: Olga Deviatova
Role: Software Engineer, Full time
Location: NZ


Olga completed a Gentrack internship before joining as a full time Software Engineer


What do you feel you got out of the internship?

The internship exceeded my expectations! It gave me the opportunity to practically apply to real projects the theory that I was taught during my postgraduate programme. I was involved in a project looking at performance testing benchmarks, which used Amazon Web Services, Boto3, Jenkins and Plotly for JavaScript. It was also really interesting to learn about the local work culture and organising processes. I was lucky to be part of an awesome team.


Top tip for future interns:

Don’t be afraid to express your opinions or share your ideas. Also, remain keen and curious.

Name: Mohamed Ashraf Hajamohideen
Role: Software Engineer, Graduate
Location: UK


Mohamed joined the UK Intern programme, joining full time after graduation.


What support (management/buddy/guidance) did you get?

We got Buddy support for moral support and to help get settled in Gentrack. We also had supervisors and received plenty of training prior to starting the project and technical help when we got stuck because it was the first time most of us had used AWS.

What do you feel you got out of the internship?

Learnt how to communicate with large number of people when working on a project. In university most of the works are done as individuals but at Gentrack you get to communicate with people outside the team like the buddies, supervisors, and coordinators.


Name: Faz Mohamed
Role: Software Engineer, Graduate
Location: UK


Faz was an intern with Gentrack in 2019 and then joined after graduating as a Software Engineer, Graduate.


What did you do during your internship with Gentrack?

My work was to build the starting blocks of a platform, which was then continued on after the internship concluded 3 months later – so it’s good to know that our work was used in an actual IP deliverable.

What did you love about Gentrack?

The company culture – everyone is very willing to help. The free drinks and pizza at the end of every month was always welcome.


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