16 Jun 2021

Investor Strategy Update

16th June 2021

The Gentrack Group Limited (NZX/ASX: GTK) Investor Strategy Event will be held today at 11.30 am (NZT). Due to the uncertainty regarding how COVID regulations might affect travel arrangements, the decision was made to move this event to a wholly virtual presentation. 

Please see the following:

  1. External Metrics (also found on page 17 of part 2 of the Investor Strategy presentation); and  
  2. Investor Strategy presentation – part 1 & part 2 (in full).

If you have registered or wish to be registered for the Investor Strategy Event, please click below to have full access to the virtual event.

Register and Log In for the online webcast

Following the event, a video of the presentation will be made available in the Gentrack Investor Centre (www.gentrack.com/investor-centre).


Contact details regarding this announcement:

Jon Kershaw – Company Secretary
+64 9 966 6090

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