27 Nov 2023

Gentrack opens its Middle East HQ, sealing agreements with major customers in the region

The establishment of the Middle East HQ marks a strategic milestone in Gentrack’s worldwide expansion, building on its recent growth in Asia

Gentrack (ASX/NZX: GTK) is pleased to announce the inauguration of its Middle East hub in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, marking a significant stride towards its ambitious “50 in 15” target. This strategic move builds on the establishment of a Singapore office last year, underscoring Gentrack’s commitment to international expansion and innovation.

The Middle East will serve as a central operations hub for Gentrack in the region and complements the successful acquisition of a major water and energy utility customer in Saudi Arabia.

In parallel, Gentrack is advancing its airport operations with key new partnerships in the region. The airport management solutions are delivered through Gentrack’s wholly owned subsidiary, Veovo. As an integral part of the Gentrack family, Veovo specialises in advancing aviation technology, ensuring seamless, efficient, and passenger-centric airport management solutions globally.

Gentrack’s notable progress extends beyond the Middle East, with a robust presence in Singapore where partnerships with two major utility customers have already been secured.

Gary Miles, CEO of Gentrack said:

“Both Middle East and Asia are large population centres that are fundamentally going through major economic, industrial, technology transformation and modernisations. Successfully reshaping the energy consumption and production patterns in these regions is integral to achieving their net-zero goals. We are super excited about our expansion into these dynamic markets.”

Amid these developments, Gentrack’s cutting-edge solutions, including the recent g2.0 launch last year, is poised to enhance operational efficiency, customer experience, and sustainability within the Middle East and Asian utility sectors.

The “50 in 15” strategy refers to Gentrack’s goal of achieving 50-million-meter points across 15 countries as its first step in global expansion. This commitment aligns with the global trend of utilities upgrading legacy technology to enable innovative cleantech offerings, including virtual power plants and electric vehicle solutions for consumers.

Gentrack’s utility business is currently operating in 7 countries across 16 regulatory markets and anticipates an exciting future as it continues shaping the landscape of smart technology solutions for utilities and airports worldwide.

About Gentrack 

We are entering a new era, with utilities worldwide transforming to meet business and sustainability targets. For over 35 years Gentrack has been partnering with the world’s leading utilities, and more than 60 energy and water companies rely on us. Gentrack, with our partners Salesforce and AWS, are leading today’s transformation with g2.0, an end-to-end product-to-profit solution. Using low code / no code, and composable technology, g2.0 allows utilities to launch new propositions in days, reduce cost-to-serve and lead in total experience.  


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