Mojo Power deploys Gentrack billing and customer information system

Gentrack Group Ltd (NZX/ASX: GTK) is delighted to welcome ION Group and its energy brand Mojo Power, to its growing community of innovative utilities customers.

Following Ion Group’s review of solutions to support its growth aspirations, the Group selected Junifer, Gentrack’s subscription-based billing and customer information solution currently used by over 40 utilities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Gentrack Country Manager Paul King said that the project marks the first deployment of the Junifer billing solution into Australia’s competitive energy market offering Mojo significant cost-to-serve advantages.

“There are growing pressures for energy retailers to automate and digitise key back office and customer engagement processes.  The deployment of Junifer in the cloud at Amazon Web Services, gives Mojo a strong platform on which it can deliver innovative products and services around its solar offering, and scale quickly as it continues to expand its position in the market”, said King.

Mojo continues to build its business around innovative green energy solutions, working with customers to reduce their dependence on the grid and to benefit from their own solar installations. Customers with solar are empowered with Mojo’s tools, enabling them to optimise the benefits of their solar systems including a healthy feed-in tariff for supplying excess capacity to the market.

Craig Mallory, Mojo Power Chief Operating Officer, said “Our energy business is all about delivering innovation and accurate information so our customers can control their energy use. Continual innovation is at the heart of what we do. We went looking for a partner with the billing information technology and ethos that gave us the capability to deliver on our promises to our customers. Gentrack was the perfect fit and we’re excited about what this partnership will enable us to achieve

King added: “Utilities globally are looking for new ways to craft an advantage in the competitive market.  Mojo has done extremely well in leveraging its expertise in the renewable energy market with a strong offering built around solar solutions. Another exciting acquisition by the Ion Group includes People Energy, who aim to keep energy simple, further cementing the group as a rising star in the sector.”

Gentrack has deployed its software to energy utilities in Australia for over 25 years, building critical market expertise that has enabled the successful localisation of the Junifer billing and customer information system to operate in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). Mojo went live on Junifer in early December, laying a strong billing and customer information platform that now enables further consolidation of core systems across the group.

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