23 Feb 2023

No wasted energy – the benefits of transformation for the utilities industry

Globally, utilities are facing a perfect storm: rising wholesale prices, political pressures, sustainability targets, regulatory change and demands for better customer experience. Together these can diminish profitability. At the same time however, there are exciting opportunities to deliver innovative new services, better digital engagement, and develop new revenue streams required by utilities today.
These come from successful transformations.

Successful transformations can deliver tangible benefits in the form of leaner, faster operations, controlled complexity, and going beyond customer experience to lead in total experience. From 30% reduction in cost-to serve, to improvements in debt management and the percentage of unbilled customers, a successful transformation can make a real difference to the bottom line.

This paper shares guidance on how to ensure a transformation is a success and not just succeeds but exceeds the objectives it set out to meet. We’ve pulled together views shaped from our 30+ years of experience of working with utilities providers into four areas of focus.

These four areas are just the start of a transformation journey. Utilities providers looking to deliver a successful transformation, which will enable them to move to a more sustainable tomorrow should get in touch now to see how we can help them achieve success and reap
the rewards.

By Mike Carruthers, General Manager, UK & Europe, Gentrack

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