Notice pursuant to NZX Main Board Listing Rule 7.12.1

Gentrack Group Limited (Gentrack) (NZX/ASX: GTK) advises that it will today issue 6,089,451 new ordinary shares (New Shares) to certain of its eligible retail shareholders and eligible institutional investors following the close of the retail entitlement offer and retail bookbuild components of its fully underwritten 1 for 5.77 pro rata accelerated entitlement offer announced on 4 July 2018 (the Offer).

The following information is supplied pursuant to NZX Main Board Listing Rule 7.12.1:

Class of Security: Ordinary shares in Gentrack (Shares)
Number issued: 6,089,451
Issue price: NZ$6.19 or A$5.69
Payment in cash: Yes
Amount paid up (if not in full): Fully paid ordinary shares
Principal terms of the Securities: All shares rank equally with existing Shares
Percentage of the total Class of Securities issued: 6.59% of the total ordinary shares on issue prior to the issue of New Shares
Reasons for issue: Issued in connection with the close of the retail entitlement offer and retail bookbuild components of the Offer
Specific authority for issue: Board resolution dated 4 July 2018
Terms or details of issue: As described in the Offer Document dated 4 July 2018, the Shares are of the same class, and rank in all respects equally with, Gentrack’s existing fully paid ordinary shares which are quoted on the NZX Main Board and ASX.


Total number of Securities of the Class in existence after the issue: 98,525,216
Treasury stock: Not applicable
Date of issue: 2 August 2018

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