17 Dec 2010

NZ Lines Companies upgrade to latest Gentrack Billing technology

17 December 2010: Gentrack announced today new contracts with Eastland Network and Westpower to deploy Gentrack Velocity, its latest network utility billing platform to support smart metering and smart grid technologies.

Westpower and Eastland Network are two of Gentrack’s longest serving customers and are the latest lines companies to sign for upgrades to their network billing technology. These latest deals follow the successful upgrade project early this year at Unison Networks, also a long time user of Gentrack’s billing software.  Unison Networks became the first lines company in New Zealand to upgrade to Gentrack Velocity using the new platform to manage its network charges and those of Centralines through one central Gentrack Velocity application.

Project teams have been mobilised to undertake the new projects, with expected completion in mid 2011. Eastland Network Business Services Manager Bruce Easton is looking forward to seeing the new system in action.
“The Gentrack system has been a core part of our business for a very long time, some 20 years, and it’s a robust system that has been very reliable. The new version has added capabilities that will help to streamline our processes and we’re looking forward to using the more intuitive web browser user interface offered by Gentrack Velocity.”
The continued deployment of smart metering technology across the country is leading many lines companies to re-evaluate their systems. A robust, modern platform to manage the vast volumes of data captured by smart meters and smart grid technologies will be essential to realising the real benefits of a smart energy grid.
Gentrack Velocity for Networks is designed specifically for lines companies to manage data flows and a myriad of complex billing contracts and tariffs. Combined with specialist CRM and webservices capabilities for utilities, the software enables lines companies to improve operations with increased visibility of where and when energy is being used, and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Smart Grid technologies. Lines companies can use this information to better manage load on their network and to develop customer communications strategies to build relationships with customers, a role traditionally held by energy retailers according to Gentrack Marketing Manager, Aaron Baker.
“The new era of smart energy will provide some great opportunities for lines companies and energy retailers alike. We are seeing lines companies already evolving to take a more prominent role in a customer’s relationship with their electricity and gas providers, and the latest capabilities offered by Gentrack Velocity are designed to continually support these and other smart energy trends.”

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