24 May 2021

Reliable Switching Programme solution – Gentrack support available

The Industry Central Switching Programme is due to enter the End to End Test Phase in July 2021.  The Switching Programme is the most significant regulatory change to the UK energy industry since deregulation, due to go-live in July 2022.   

We have produced regular information and guides throughout the development of our solution to make sure that our clients were kept fully up to date and supported, all available in our KnowledgeBase. The latest addition is a short video by our expert Reliable Switching Programme Manager, Carl Lang, in which he explains suppliers’ testing obligations and the Gentrack support available.  

In the video, Carl explains the nature and importance of the different test phases through which we are supporting our customers.  Here’s a brief summary:

Adaptor Integration Testing (AIT)

  • An additional phase created by Gentrack to support our clients with the completion of a voluntary test phase between ourselves and each adapter provider used by our client base
  • This offers assurance that our core Gentrack products can transmit and receive messages between Junifer and each adapter provider with respect to the Reliable Switching changes
  • This is provided by Gentrack and owned by us and the adaptor provider.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • We are actively encouraging all our clients to conduct UAT, to ensure that their specific implementation of Junifer is tested through your adapter provider
  • The completion of this testing will help you to complete your Ofgem Business Readiness Assessment with the confidence that your solution has been fully tested
  • This will also enable you to demonstrate compliance with your supply licence obligations
  • This phase is owned by the supplier, voluntary and recommended by Gentrack.

User Entry Process Testing (UEPT)

  • UEPT is the first part of User Integration Testing and is a direct phase between your adapter provider and the Central Switching Service (CSS)
  • This provides assurance that your adapter provider can effectively transmit and receive messages from the CSS
  • For further detail please refer to NCT-0038 UEPT Test plan document published by the DCC and Netcompany
  • This phase is mandatory and owned by each supplier.

End to End (E2E)

  • For suppliers with over 250,000 MPxNs, this industry phase is compulsory and Gentrack experts are available to support you. Suppliers are required to test their back back office systems (including Junifer) for integration with the CSS
  • This will use the appropriate adapter using test data agreed with the Switching Programme SI, who will pair suppliers with others in order to facilitate a complete and full End to End test
  • For further detail please refer to the NCT-0079 E2E Test Plan document published by the DCC and Netcompany.

All our expert Customer Success Managers (CSM) and Client Business Executives (CBE) are available to support our clients in fully understanding their obligations and the actions they need to take to meet this important and significant industry change.

If you would like to understand how we can support your business, please speak to your CSM or CBE.

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