Best-in-class platform for utilities powered by AI

Gentrack’s “product-to-profit” customer engagement platform is designed to put the utilities customer front and centre of the energy revolution.

With billing as its core, Gentrack g2.0 solution manages the full customer life cycle of utility customers from customer exploration, acquisition, and onboarding to consuming, meter data services, distribution management, billing, debt management, payment, forecasting, analytics and more. Gentrack leverages Salesforce and Einsten AI and it is cloud native on AWS so you get the number one billing + the number one CRM + the number one cloud provider in one solution.


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An innovative solution created ONLY for utilities

  • 80-90% out-of-the-box solution that adapts to any energy/water company (including 100+ customer journeys)
  • Modular, no-code, low-code solution allowing users to customise to your needs, lowering the TCO and cost-to-serve by 40%
  • User access a single interface
  • Powered by AI including Salesforce Einstein
  • For business-to-business or business-to-consumer
  • Cloud native on AWS providing high availability, reliability, scalability and security

Be agile, innovative, stay ahead …

with the right tech

Improve customer experience with customer dashboards:


Reduce CO2 emissions while growing your business, profits, customer engagement and retention…

Here is an example:

EnergyAustralia launched an innovative, customer-centric solution via energy-as-a-service that will enable them to achieve their 2050 NetZero target.

They are using Gentrack technology for their versatile billing, VPP/DERM and customer solution for their Solar Home Bundle offering to residential customers.

Solar panels and batteries are provided with zero upfront costs in a 7-year contract with fixed, competitive energy rates.

This example helps to:


  • CO2 emissions
  • Peak load on the grid
  • Customer attrition


  • Customer engagement
  • The business
  • Profits

A platform for all your customers




99.95% first time

billing accuracy

Trusted by 60+ energy and water companies around the world