06 Apr 2022

Utility Warehouse to work with Gentrack to help keep prices as low as possible for customers

Utility Warehouse, a UK multi service provider of bundled utilities, has signed a contract with Gentrack to provide Gross Margin Assurance services for its energy portfolio of 650,000 customers.  As a leading provider of solutions to global utilities, Gentrack’s Assurance offer will ensure that Utility Warehouse are being accurately billed for their wholesale commodity costs and industry charges – a critical part of ensuring that energy prices for consumers can be kept as low as possible during period of high wholesale prices.

Gentrack will work alongside the existing in-house team at Utility Warehouse, using their next generation technology offering and industry expertise to protect profitability, and drive continuous improvement in business processes through the resolution of problems at their root cause.  This will ensure that that revenue leakage is minimised and the business can operate efficiently.

Naomi Anderson, Head of Revenue Assurance at Utility Warehouse said:

‘We’ve already seen from our work with the team at Gentrack that their in-depth industry expertise will bring longer term benefits to our business.  In times of high wholesale costs, which have a direct impact on our customers, it’s critical we do all we can to operate as leanly as possible. This way, we can ensure we’re passing the best prices on to our customers.  As the market leader in protecting profit and cash through the business, Gentrack are the perfect partner to help us continue to deliver great customer experiences.’

Geoff Childs, General Manager UK & Ireland at Gentrack said:

‘We’re thrilled to be partnering with the UK’s leading provider of bundled services. Helping them bring direct benefits to customers, by ensuring the business can deliver profitability throughout the value chain, and that costs are accurately settled. Our energy experts are looking forward to working with the team at Utility Warehouse to deliver real bottom line benefits to the business.’

About Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is the UK’s only genuine, multiservice utility provider, fully authorised and regulated by Ofgem, Ofcom and the FCA, and trusted by over 650,000 customers across the UK. We’ll bundle all your home services into one, simple, bill. Because we believe that when you’re not worrying about price comparisons, lost passwords and piles of paperwork, you can get on with the things that really matter in life.


About Gentrack

Gentrack designs, builds and delivers the high-performing, cloud-first revenue and customer experience solutions found at the heart of leading utilities and airports around the world.  Our customers lead in some of the most deregulated and innovative markets in the world; pioneering innovation, driving effective transformation in the management and delivery of two of our planet’s most precious resources; energy and water.


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