22 Nov 2018

Annual Results Investor Briefing Details

Gentrack Group Limited (NZX/ASX: GTK) invites investors to a conference call on Thursday 29 November 2018 at 10:30am NZT / 8:30am AEDT (duration 1 hour) to review Gentrack’s financial results for the full year ended 30 September 2018.

This investor briefing includes both audio conference and digital participation options to enable investors to view the presentation slides online and to dial into the conference call system to listen to the briefing.

The audio recording from the briefing will be made available in the Gentrack Investor Centre (http://gentrack.com/investors) following the call.

Audio – Participant Access Instructions
Please join the briefing 5-10 minutes prior to the start time. You will be asked to provide the conference name and confirmation code below:

Name: GTK Investor Briefing – Annual Results (FY18)
Confirmation Code: 8200381
(Following entry, please provide the required details when prompted)

The dial-in numbers for available locations are listed below.
– Australia (Tollfree/Freephone) 1 800 573 793
– Australia, Brisbane (Local) +61 (0)7 3105 0938
– Australia, Melbourne (Local) +61 (0)3 8317 0932
– Australia, Sydney (Local) +61 (0)2 9193 3706
– Hong Kong (Tollfree/Freephone) 800 961 105
– Hong Kong (Local) +852 3008 1527
– New Zealand (Tollfree/Freephone 0800 423 970
– New Zealand, AKL (Local) +64 (0) 9 9133 622
– Singapore (Tollfree/Freephone) 800 186 5107
– Singapore (Local) +65 6320 9025
– United Kingdom (Tollfree/Freephone) 0800 358 6377
– United Kingdom (Local) +44 (0)330 336 9128
– United States, LA (Local) +1 323 701 0225
– United States/Canada (Tollfree/Freephone) 888 394 8218

Slide Assist Instructions
To view the investor briefing presentation slides online, please visit the following link and access the briefing using your name, company, email and phone. For audio, you will still need to dial into the conference call system.

Questions can be submitted online via the Slide Assist platform or verbally via the audio call system when prompted. Personal information provided for the purpose of registration will not be disclosed to any third parties and will only be used by Gentrack to manage participant interaction and questions via the Slide Assist platform.

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