Gentrack provides updated guidance for FY22

29 September 2022

On 24th February 2022 and then again on 24th May 2022, Gentrack Group Limited (NZX/ASX: GTK) (“Gentrack”) advised that revenues for FY22 are forecast to be around $115m (vs FY21 revenues of $105.7m) and that FY22 EBITDA is expected to be in low single-digits ($’m).  Gentrack now advises that revenues for FY22 are forecast to be around $125m and that FY22 EBITDA is expected to be in the mid to high single digits ($’m).

Gentrack will be releasing its audited financial statements on 29th November 2022.


Contact details regarding this announcement:

Kerry Nickels – Company Secretary
+64 9 966 6090

About Gentrack

Utilities companies are at the sharp end of a volatile market, operating businesses in unprecedented change, while also trying to create a more sustainable tomorrow. For over 30 years Gentrack has been partnering with the world’s leading utilities. More than 50 energy and water companies rely on Gentrack. Our g2.0 solution combines this wealth of experience with Salesforce’s unbeatable CRM, Gentrack’s leading meter-to-cash platform and a composable architecture on AWS.  g2.0 ensures high performance, security, scalability, and rapid prototyping for innovation at pace.  

When it comes to transformations, you can count on us. 

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