13 Oct 2023

IDC Spotlight: energy and water companies urgently need to transform their technology stack to prosper in the sustainable era

This IDC Technology Spotlight examines how technology can be a game changer for utilities as they face growing unpredictability in the industry and navigate the energy transition towards a sustainable future.  To tap into new revenue streams and play a critical role in legal commitments to net zero, utilities need to transform their business to be more flexible in their decision making, business models, operating models and IT. This requires a complete transformation of the IT landscape to embrace cloud, advanced analytics, lowcode and no-code technologies, and composable plug-and-play architectures.

With its cloud-native g2.0 platform, Gentrack can address these challenges and market needs. Only by embracing technology can utilities hope to better support their customers (residential and C&I) with innovative commercial propositions that help them with their own sustainability goals and green agenda.  In addition to supporting financial metrics such as revenue growth and reducing cost to serve, these technologies enhance the customer experience and customer lifetime value, and lower customer acquisition costs.

Read the IDC Spotlight here.

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